We at PDX Acupuncture believe that acupuncture is fun, friendly and understandable medicine. Whether you are receiving a treatment from one of our practitioners at your workplace, at an event, or at our office downtown you will see our commitment to efficient, affordable acupuncture.

Tired of suffering from seasonal allergies?

We're all longing for sunnier days here in Portland. But some of us, all those blooming flowers and budding greens mean allergy season. NOW is the time to get on top of those allergies so you can enjoy the fruits of Spring and Summer!

The months leading up it allergy season is the time to start building up the immune system so it's strong enough to ward of the allergen assault. Acupuncture 1-2 times a month in combination with herbs to support the immune system, dietary changes, and a detox plan can all help build up the system.

PDX Acupuncture has a plan for you, all you have to do is show up! March is Immune Madness here in the clinic and we have been cooking up the best plan possible to get our patients started out right.

And what are those beautiful sparkly things on her ear?

They are swarovski crystal ear seeds! What are ear seeds? They are a small 24 carrot gold pellet with a piece of clear adhesive tape over it.

These little sparkly seeds that look like jewelry have the addition of swarovski crystals on the top! We have them available for your next treatment.. $4 per set (one on each ear) Ear seeds benefits.

Herb of the Season

Celery juice for the win!

The 3 flavors of celery explained in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory blended up with Functional Nutrition to show its effectiveness for a healthy heart, gut, skin and even migraines!