We at PDX Acupuncture believe that acupuncture is fun, friendly and understandable medicine. Whether you are receiving a treatment from one of our practitioners at your workplace, at an event, or at our office downtown you will see our commitment to efficient, affordable acupuncture.


Baby, it's cold out there! ​The g​ood news is, Traditional Chinese Medicine has many ways to warm up your chilly Qi. We have been busy in #laraskitchen cooking up a delicious elixir to enhance your immunity and warm you up from your bones to your finger tips! We have also designed a perfect blend of treatment and take home qi warmers treats for this seasons special. We look forward to wrapping you up in a warm blanket of good health soon!

Check out our winter special!


These therapies are not only totally free to start today, but they are what I suggest to patients day in and out in my clinic to help them start a healthy living routine. They are vital to reset your bodies stress response, improve sleep, calm the mind and most of all CARVE OUT TIME FOR YOUR BODY TO HEAL and support your immune system for the upcoming cold and flu season. Read more...

Herb of the Season

Adrenal Nourishing Tincture

An organic, gluten free tincture made specifically to nourish your Adrenal Response. Chalk full of adaptogenic, qi nourishing and moving herbs as well as 83 trace minerals, all are essential for optimal Adrenal Function.