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Warm up this winter with bone broth!

Brrrr! The deep winter chill is upon us, and what better way is there to stay warm and nourished, than to cook up some yummy bone broth? We have had great healing experiences with bone broths, and would love for you to have them too!

Feeling run down like your reserves are burnt? Digestion a little off? Feeling cold to the bone? Wanting some rejuvenating muscle and connective tissue love? Well, here is you chance to give bone broths a try and get back to your energetic and centered self.

Check out the recipe of the season page for step by step directions on how to make your own bone broth. Why make your own bone broth? Check out our video of the season!


The best way to nourish you kidney, liver, spleen and Lung qi directly is to drink bone broth.. that's right broth with bone marrow in it! Learn more about the benefits of bone broths.

Herb of the Season

Herbal "Add In's" to bone broth for Athletic Recovery

I see a lot of athletes and people with pain in my clinic, so here are a few medicinal recipes specifically for athletic injury and recovery.