We at PDX Acupuncture believe that acupuncture is fun, friendly and understandable medicine. Whether you are receiving a treatment from one of our practitioners at your workplace, at an event, or at our office downtown you will see our commitment to efficient, affordable acupuncture.

Spring Special

We often feel a little trapped under the clouds this time of year and thought you might be feeling the same way. So, we designed the perfect treatment that will lift you and your mood right out of the clouds!

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New Saturday Hours

We are remarkably envious of the brave little buds that attempt to make their way up from the Winter doldrums, just to be pelted by the intermittent rain. Maybe it's to get a little taste of the sweet spring sun rays.. maybe they are just mother Natures way of saying you are not alone in feeling trapped? I don't know, but it makes us want to be brave too! The pounding rain, high wind gusts and spattering of mud of early Spring are no match for us!

We will bravely stretch out of our normal schedule and ADD EVERY OTHER SATURDAY starting this Saturday March 19th. We are open from 10-2 on the half hour so there is plenty of room for you!

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Recipe of the Season

Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory Drink Recipe

Almost every human deals with some sort of symptom of acute, chronic or hidden inflammation, every day. In the United States, in every 6 humans suffers from arthritis attributed joint pain. That is astounding!

Symptoms that are often not commonly attributed to inflammation are headaches, fatigue, body pain, acne, arthritis, auto-immune disorders, foggy brain and many more! So try our tasty and simple recipe to jump start your day with an powerhouse of anti-inflammatory goodness!