We at PDX Acupuncture believe that acupuncture is fun, friendly and understandable medicine. Whether you are receiving a treatment from one of our practitioners at your workplace, at an event, or at our office downtown you will see our commitment to efficient, affordable acupuncture.

New faces in the clinic!

We are so delighted to have some new amazing women on our team! Our long time acupuncturists Regan and Destini are off to do bigger things! Regan graduated from Acupuncture school and is currently working in Nepal, India for the Acupuncture Relief Project until the first of the year. She will be back in early Spring seeing patients as a Licensed Acupuncturist! We are so happy for her!

Destini moved on from PDX Acupuncture to pursue a career in Law. She is currently enrolled and working her little butt off at Lewis and Clark college! Welcome Kelsey Bostwick, Sarah Rennalls our new Massage therapists, and Shinal Narayan, our Front Office Specialist!

Click here to see fun Selfies of our newest team members and learn a little about them!

We have more slots open during the week for inducing you into AcuLand with acupuncture and massage!

Treatment with Lara is available on:
Monday: 1-7:30
Tuesday: 9-1:30
Wednesday: 10-5
Friday: 10-5

Treatment with Lenore is available on:
Thursday: 3-8 (coming asap)
Friday: 3-8

Schedule here!

Recipe of the Season

Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory Drink Recipe

Almost every human deals with some sort of symptom of acute, chronic or hidden inflammation, every day. In the United States, in every 6 humans suffers from arthritis attributed joint pain. That is astounding!

Symptoms that are often not commonly attributed to inflammation are headaches, fatigue, body pain, acne, arthritis, auto-immune disorders, foggy brain and many more! So try our tasty and simple recipe to jump start your day with an powerhouse of anti-inflammatory goodness!