An "Athletes" recovery package

bicycle city

Doesn't this time of year always get you thinking about working out a little bit harder? Not just to feel good and have energy for the summer activities, but to look spectacular AND actually fit in to those hot summer clothes you've been waiting to wear! If so, we have created a recovery treatment to follow your hard workouts.

Whether you are taking a quick bike ride to the local food carts or doing an intense run around the waterfront loop, we are ready to treat any sprains, strains, or muscle soreness that may surprise you along the way.

Receive a one hour acupuncture treatment focused on nourishing the muscles, relieving pain, and assisting the body in the recovery process. This is followed by a 30 minute massage with Krissy to combat the tightness and fatigue in the muscles and lube up the joints again.

We use this treatment on our athletes currently and they can't get enough!