Herb of the month - July 2010


Bu Nao Pian

Also known as Cerebral tonic pills, or Supplement Brain Pills.

Bu Nao Pian is a blend of Chinese herbs that focuses on balancing and tonifying the brains mental function. The blend of herbs focuses on the following Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory aspects in order to strengthen proper brain function.

Nourishes the Heart - This is essential as the heart qi "dominates the mind".

Strengthens the Kidneys - The kidney's qi is the qi that supports proper production of marrow. The brain is considered the "sea of marrow".

Clears and Benefits the Brain

Tonifies the Blood - or "assists the body in building more blood" The heart qi is dominant of the mind, and the heart is full when the blood level in the body is flourishing.

Opens the Orifices - It is important to have the heads orifices open to facilitate proper qi movement in the brain.

Transforms Phlegm - Phlegm anywhere in the body can cause the brain to feel foggy and forgetful and maybe a little disoriented.

Extinguishes wind - Wind can cause the brain to feel uneasy and restless, or busy.

Calms the Shen - The shen is considered the spirt. When the spirit is calm, the mind is calm.

One of the main herbs in this formula is Dang Gui or Angelica. It is a sweet, acrid and warm herb. All of these properties are perfect for nourishing the blood. This herb is very helpful for any kind of symptom in the body that is due to blood deficiency, such as fatigue, brittle nails, menstruation difficulties, brain fog, constipation, body pain, cold hands and feet, and pale face or a face without luster.

Please contact your acupuncturist or other natural health care provider to see if a formula with this herb is right for you, or before taking this herb alone.

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