Head in the Clouds

Summer, you were a bit tardy, but we are so happy to see you! The last couple months were like a damp fog, so we are delighted to smell your sweet flowers in bloom, and your warm sun rays.... now just stay for a while would ya?

Our specially designed treatment this month is called "Head in the Clouds". It was inspired by our patients, as we have noticed a little trend in their ability to stay focused and concentrate during the day. This is sometimes paired with a busy mind at night with the inability to fall asleep... and that means the energy within the body is just backwards!

With the "Head in the Clouds" treatment we are able to help your body distribute energy at the appropriate times to ensure good quality rest and mental focus.

Lara will do a focused acupuncture treatment focusing on the following:
Balance the Heart qi, nourish and motivate the blood, calm the shen (Chinese word for Spirit) clear and nourish the brain, strengthen the kidneys, and support any other organs required by YOUR body in particular to facilitate this process. This treatment is followed by a 30 minute massage by Krissy where she will focus to reconnect your mind and body by focusing on your head, scalp, and face to clear your mind and rest your thoughts.