Herb of the month - October 2010


"Gui Zhi" Warm in nature with a sweet and acrid flavor cinnamon is a gentle and very effective herb for 3 main symptoms. One, it is a considerate herb that loves to help relieve colds and flu's that have a fever, headache, disliking to cold temperatures (it's warming after all), and if there is sweating or not involved with the patients symptoms! That makes it particularly special as most herbs are just for sweating or not.. Cinnamon is so thoughful...

It's other amazing function is that it helps to disperse wind and cold (achey joint syndrome!) that is causing pain in the neck, chest, abdomen, shoulders and limbs. Awesome!

It's last suprising function is that it helps to move the cold out of the channels/meridians that are blocking the free flow of blood to the uterus.. therefore, helping with cramps, masses or even no period! Whoa, Go Cinnamon!