Joint Ease Treatment Special

Okay, it is officially cold and damp season. That means we are likely to encounter more people coming into the office with a cold or the flu. Also, symptoms of arthritis and old musculoskeletal injuries will begin acting up. Asthma and allergy symptoms are often peaking during the season change and some of us tend to get a little down in the dumps.

Acupuncture and herbal therapies are a perfect way to ease the transition from the fiery summer season, to the damp and cool fall.

This month's special, "Joint Ease," focuses on your achy joints. It includes a warming acupuncture treatment with moxa on specifically achy areas to increase circulation and fresh healing energy to the joints. This is followed by a 30 minute therapeutic massage that includes a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu, deep tissue and range of motion techniques to lubricate the joints and increase flexibility. 90min. ONLY $90

Reminder: For those of you with insurance on a calendar year schedule, check on your benefits and see if you have any to use up before the new year is here. Don't let it go to waste!