Joel Beaudoin

Century Benefits

“ Century Benefits an Oregon based Health and Medicare Insurance brokerage located in Portland. We represent all major carriers in Oregon. The insurance companies pay us to help individuals and small businesses! The premiums are no higher for our service. So, why not have a health insurance specialist help you through the process? Century Benefits specializes in Medicare Supplements, Individual and family Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Group Health benefits.

Medicare is a confusing topic. That's why we are here to help free of charge. Medicare Health Insurance is offered uniformly throughout the country. The difficult part of Medicare is finding the right supplement to fill the gaps of original Medicare. We represent most of the supplement plans in Oregon. Medicare members can now change to any other supplement until the end of the year. We encourage anyone on Medicare to have us review their situation for free.

Children can obtain coverage regardless of health conditions from now until end of the year. Coverage will begin January 1st. There is a free State subsidized plan for those that qualify based on income. We often run across families that are paying 30-40% more for an identical plan with a competing insurance company.

Did you know that for as little as $23 for an individual you can fully insure yourself against any injury? You can add an accident rider to any policy to pay for your deductible, co-insurance and co-pays. We highly encourage this inexpensive rider which drastically reduces your risk.

Contact us at: (503) 608-7768