Herb of the month - November 2010



Let's just say, that if it was on the apprentice, it would win every project! Neutral in nature with a sweet flavor Licorice is a headstrong harmonizer.. It can't help but make sure every thing around it is in balance and calm. It's neutral nature can create synergy in an herbal formula that contains cold, warm, hot or cool herbs. What a little social chameleon!

Gan Cao enters the Lung channel, so it has an ability to moisten the lung for a dry cough with difficult breathing. It can also eliminate phlegm to stop a cough due to lots of phlegm in the lungs. It also enters the Spleen channel, so it has the ability to reduct spasms and pain in the belly regions just below the ribs, and in the abdomen as well as the arms and legs. Because it enters the Spleen and Stomach channels it is great for helping people who have a poor appetite, or that have looser stools, are tired that may have a shortness of breath (combo with lung channel actions here... cool!), and palpitations in the chest region.

Now, you can't just run out and get a bag of Red Vines or Twizzlers and expect the results you see above. But, if you check in with your local acupuncturist, they will be sure to help you out!