Tummy Tamer Treatment Special

I love to eat! So, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I look forward to the being able to take down a big portion of turkey, and all the fixins and still somehow have room left for a warm beverage and dessert. Is it possible you are excited about the indulgence of the feast as well, but also feeling nervous about the bloat, fatigue and too many calories after your inevitable overeating? Yeah, we feel ya, it happens!

There is an ancient Chinese secret to being able to combat the bloat and fatigue and feel good about indulging once (or twice) a year.. and myself and family have been doing it for years... it's called, don't talk politics! ha ha, Just kidding..

We use a amazing herbal remedy before and after we eat, THE CURING PILL. It is used to build up your body's ability to break down food, assimilate it faster, and avoid the very flattering, "unbuttoning of the pants due to too much food". It is the best remedy when you know you are going to over eat and eat foods with more butter, and sugar than you are typically used to.

I would not recommend a Holiday gathering with out it! Just $10 and we always have it in stock... or let us know how many you want and we will mail it off to you.

I recommend The Tummy Tamer for my patients that tend to have stomach upset often, or deal with Heartburn, Crohn's, Colitis, food allergies or other chronic digestive issues.

I look forward to helping you stay healthy over the holidays!