Herb of the month - February 2011

Bo he ("bow huh") in Chinese, herba menthae haplocalycis.

Mint is a commonly used medicinal in the Chinese pharmacopoeia.

It is cooling in nature, so it clears heat and wind that is present in the external layer of the body's qi (controlled by the Lung qi) showing signs of a fever, headache or cough.

It's acrid property also assists in dispersing the heat and wind, and also helps with clearing the head and eyes of heat. This can be helpful for eyes that are red and hot and dry feeling, as well as soothing and cooling for a sore throat.

It's aromatic property helps with the dispersing and cooling function but can also contribute to helping "vent" rashes.

If you combine the aromatic, cooling and acrid properties with the fact that enters the lung and liver channels it is very helpful for pressure in the chest and flank, emotional instability, and gynecological problems. If you have anxiety during menses due to being overwhelmed, have a nice cup of mint tea, or stop in and I'll put a custom teabag together for you with a minty flavor.