Allergy Season Preparation Package

Prevention is the best cure for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Traditional Chinese medicine recommends using herbal therapies specific to the patient and getting weekly or bi-weekly acupuncture 6-8 weeks prior to the onset of symptoms. Patient have reported to me that they are already experiencing symptoms (fatigue, congestion, itchy eyes) due to the changing dry to damp weather, so NOW IS THE TIME.

Package Includes:

  • 4, one hour acupuncture treatments
  • 1 Netti pot for daily cleansing of the sinuses
  • 10% off herbal remedies (excluding custom tea)
  • One 30 minute cupping session for detoxifying and building up the immune system.
  • All for $239~ (a $125 dollar savings)

I hate seeing people suffer from allergies, so this is a slamming deal! Take advantage of this great package through the end of March. Email us at info@pdx-acupuncture.com or call (503-943-9331) to reserve your spot on the schedule!