Herb of the month - March 2011

HONEY – Feng Mi ("feng mee")

yummmm... Just thinking about the drizzely goodness of fresh local honey makes my mouth water. And that is just because I love the taste! However, TCM has been using this sweet medicinal for centuries for its moistening and relaxing functions.

Its sweet property helps is very nourishing and moistening for the large intestine qi. So, if you are a little stopped up in the elimination department due to dryness, then add some honey to an herbal or green tea and see if that floats your boat.

If you have a dry cough, honey can moisten it up and release the phlegm from the lungs through coughing, because it enters the lung channel.

Honey enters into the Spleen channel as well, so it is good for fatigue, lack of appetite, and abdominal pain. The spleen qi is in control of nourishing the muscles in TCM so they tend to relax and relieve pain when honey is used in a formula or tea for pain in muscles.

So the next time you want to relax, have a nice cup of tea with honey and let the relaxation flow.