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Bone Broths "Medicinal Add In's" for Athletes

Now that you are savvy to the art of making bone broths.. let's take it a step further and add in some herbs to seriously boost your health!

I see a lot of athletes and people with pain in my clinic, so here are a few medicinal recipes specifically for athletes I have come up with. These are to be added into your super bone broths. It is very easy to incorporate the bulk or granule blends into the broth, as they each of the herbs depending on their type has a specific cooking time. For example, barks and roots are cooked longer, flowers and twigs have a shorter cook time. Granules are added in at the very end and just need a few minutes to steep in hot, hot broth. Much like you would add parsley at the end to boost the mineral content of a broth, you will add herbs to boost it's healing effect!

If you are a regular athlete and suffer from frequent injuries.. We suggest to have broth in the fridge and granule formulas of both these blends on hand. Then you can whip up a few cups to drink though out the day for a faster recovery.

~Athletes "I overdid it" blend~

Along with the herbs, you can add vegetables to your broth. They will provide a great deal of extra vitamins and minerals, as well as energetic support for your digestive organs (spleen and stomach). Add chopped carrots, potatoes, and yams in at the end with herbs, so that they cook for at least 30 minutes. If you don't want to eat them, I have heard your dog may enjoy them!

Contains ~ Yan Hu Suo, Bai Shao, Go Qi ZI, Gan Cao.

Available in granule and bulk.

~Athletes serious acute injury recovery blend~

This is wonderful for those of you who have sprained, strained, pulled, torn a ligament or tendon or has even broken or fractured a bone! It is especially helpful for injuries in the lower body and limbs, within the first two weeks of injury.

Contains ~ Tao ren, hong hua, ru xiang, mo yao, lian qiao, jin yin hua, Huang qin, Dang Gui, Chai Hu, Da huang, Bai Zhi, Gan Cao, Yan Hu suo.

Available in granule and bulk.

~Athletes "I need to recover quickly from this injury" blend~

To be used once the initial swelling has subsided and you have to be ginger with it until it's healed. Can be anywhere from 6-10 days after initial injury for a few weeks until normal range of motion is established.

Contains ~ Dang Gui, Ru Xiang, Mo Yao, Chuan Niu Xi, Fang Feng, Ji Xue Teng, Chi Shao, Fu ling, Hong hua, Su mu, Tian qi, Bai Zhu, Da Huang, Gan Cao.

Available in granule and bulk.

How do I get one or all of these?

All of the blends can be ordered from PDX Acupuncture in a package form for you to add to your soup. We can order these in a granule formula or a bulk herb formula. Please call 503-943-9331,or email for pricing and further questions. We will dose according to your bodies needs. If you are a new patient, please schedule an initial herbal consult (30 minutes, $45) so we can safely prescribe you medicinals.

Click here if you would like to learn more about the use of bone broths, or here if you want to learn how to prepare them.

Acupuncture and herbal therapy are very effective for the active person or athlete. Call 503-943-9331, or email to make an appointment today!

In Good Health,
Lara Dilkes L.Ac.