Herb of the Season - October 2015

Adrenal Nourishing Tincture

In honor of our adrenal focused Fall Season I made an all organic, gluten free Adrenal Nourishing Tincture.

It’s plum full of qi nourishing, balancing and rejuvenating herbs:

  • Adaptagenic herbs - Known for their stabilizing effect on the adrenals
  • Immunity supporting herbs - Support the immune response
  • Qi moving herbs - These help to relieve the stuck feeling and tired sensation with adrenal fatigue
  • As well as 83 essential trace minerals - The Adrenals require these to function properly
  • + a special black tea fermented with Fu Zi and Gui Zhi (which helps to stabilize the “essence” stored in the Kidneys. When we drink coffee or other caffeine products they tend to strip them of this precious essence. Basically, you come out energetically on top instead of depleted with this black tea source).

Stop by and grab a bottle ($23) or purchase our Fall Special which includes a bottle.