Lara D. Dilkes L.Ac. MSAOM

Founder of PDX Acupuncture, The Friendly Acupuncture Clinic!

While I was living in Hope, Alaska, a man called Skip, who was the "healer in town", introduced me to acupressure. He showed me that healing with natural medicine can be incredibly beneficial to health and a lot of fun at the same time.

Ever since then, my goal has been to practice friendly, fun and effective medicine. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is mysterious for most people who aren't emerged in it for years as I have while becoming a practitioner. Most people just want to know if it hurts!!

I'm fully aware of this. As a result, I have remained focused on making this alternative medicine and its theory as comfortable as possible and easily understood for those wanting more answers.

I believe each and every person who walks through my door is there for a reason. And I am willing to spend as much time and energy as needed to find out not only why, but how to get you to a more healthy place in your life.

I trust my patients, as far as where they are in their path to better health. I want them to feel comfortable letting me know what kind of change or result they are ready for each visit, because every day can be is different in the healing process.

Each person who works in my clinic or onsite at a business feels just the same . We want you to feel like you "get" Acupuncture and comprehend what it can do for you!

In Good Health,

Lara License #AC01068

Lara graduated from Evergreen State College in Washington state with a Bachelor of Arts in Heath Science and History of Past and Present Wellness Theories. She graduated from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine with a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is certified in Virginia Doran's Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, and has also taken Facial Acupuncture classes with Shellie Glodstein L.Ac. She is also a NADA certified detoxification specialist.


Lara Dilkes Lara Dilkes Lara Dilkes

Kelsey Bostwick

Kelsey Bostwick

Kelsey Bostwick, our Massage Therapist on Monday and Tuesday works along side Lara. She has over 8 years experience as a massage therapist. I chose Kelsey because her magic is simple... she is intuitive, and responsive. She has careful and attentive in her cranio-sacral work and he can iron out muscles that have been adjusted by Lara like a hot iron with a pillow top! Look for her and her amazing mohawk at your next visit.

Hello! Kelsey here ... As a native of Portland's periphery, I have often found myself immersed in emerald spaces teeming with moss covered trees, thriving flora & fauna, and the ceaseless cycles of life-giving water. While whimsically wandering through my neighborhood as a child, I remember opening to the awareness of energy. Noticing that the energy moving through my body is the very same energy moving through the trees, I began to feel a connectedness to all. This simple seed planted within me endlessly evolves into a compassionate passion for nature, all living creations, and the infinitely unfolding universe. A growing desire to heal myself and help people do the same has led me on a beautiful journey through psychology, massage therapy, and herbalism. Since my initial training in massage therapy, I have developed a blended style of bodywork that integrates Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Sculpting, & Craniosacral Therapy to holistically balance the psychosomatic soul scape. By deeply listening to & following the perpetual impulses of the body, I'm able to use my attention & intention to help people find their center. Bodywork, especially when paired with acupuncture, inspires energy to flow freely which opens the potential for healing, health, & happiness.

Kelsey graduated from the University of Oregon in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology focusing primarily on substance abuse prevention. She completed her studies in massage therapy at the International Professional School of Bodywork in 2010. Her chosen path within the program was Asian Healing Arts where she learned Tui na, Thai, & Jin Shin. Most recently, Kelsey attended three intensive Craniosacral seminars where she learned to facilitate healing through a gentle felt sense.

LMT # 22713

Liz Larsen L.A.c MSAOM

Liz Larsen L.A.c MSAOM

Hi, I'm an acupuncturist at PDX Acupuncture in Portland, Oregon. I have a pretty awesome job. I get to know my patients as individuals and treat their whole being, not just their symptoms. I am practically fond of finding holistic relief from health issues that western medicine lacks sustainable solutions for.

My story into Chinese medicine starts with an open ear, some needles and a plant.

At the time I was studying to become a nurse. During an evening walk a few sticks with no leaves blocked my path, and a mindlessly my hand grasped the branches to make way for the rest of me. The next morning, I woke up with a strange tingling on my arms and face. By the end of the day I was covered head to toe in an itchy rash and had a face so swollen, I was unrecognizable. I had a full blown, systemic case of poison oak. What followed was a series of visits to the hospital. The ER, my regular doctor and urgent care. Five minutes with a doctor, and another prescription and I was frustrated. It was in that moment that I felt like I was losing faith in the medical system, and I instantly became worried about my future career. I had to try something different. As a last-ditch effort, I made an appointment with a local acupuncturist. I remember grabbing my keys and shrugging sheepishly as told my roommate where I was headed. "What do I have to lose?"

I met Rose that day, a newly graduated acupuncturist. She was curious, lighthearted and she listened! She asked questions and was curious about all aspects of my body and my life. She asked about my digestion and my sleep, and my emotions. After one acupuncture treatment and a bag of Chinese herbs I was drastically better. After all, I didn't need another cream or steroid, what I needed was on open ear, some needles and another plant.

Six months later I was in Portland and starting my journey into Chinese Medicine!

Today, I still think of Rose. I take a little bit of her into every treatment. Her memory inspires me to listen to each patient's story, ask questions and strive to make healing approachable, honest and enjoyable. I challenge myself daily to see people's motivations in seemingly disconnected events and be able bring these ideas together and communicate them as a common goal with simplicity and focus. That is the gift I hope to bring each of my uniquely beautiful patients.I feel so lucky to have found Lara and PDX Acupuncture because PDX Acupuncture embodies all of these attributes and makes acupuncture fun, friendly and welcoming!

I am fascinated with anatomy and love treating musculoskeletal conditions. I have a particular passion for the treating neck pain because we all seem to have a little these days. I am super excited to practice facial rejuvenation, and AcuToGo treatments where we come to your office to provide relief on the spot! So, let's meet in the treatment room or your office and work towards a better you together!

Kya Bliss

Kya Bliss LMT

We are all born with a deep understanding of the profound power of touch. It's truly the only sense we cannot live without. My connection with this idea was strong as a youngster, and was only heightened through my path as a nurturer, dancer, and endlessly curious student. Years of professional dance experience helped me connect extensively with anatomy, movement, and details of the body. I have learned that the body often understands what the intellect may struggle with. My education at East West College of the Healing Arts offered me the tools to facilitate healing and helped me understand the science and power behind this work. I am still learning and growing with each day and my experiences as a massage therapist continue to surprise, humble, and amaze me!

My approach is based on your needs as an individual. My work is influenced by tui na, structural bodywork, deep tissue, energy work, and movement therapies. I think my sense of artistry, musicality, and pure heart make my style special. We are all deserving of deep healing work that brings harmony to our body, mind, and spirit! It's a true honor to work with the community.