AcuLAND ThinkTANK - February 2019

Swarovski Crystals Ear Seeds

Move though the world more calmly with these beautiful sparkly additions on your ears!

Ear seeds placed on the ears are a way to stimulate the same points that we do with needles for auricular acupuncture, only with little "seeds". Traditionally radish seeds with a bandaid like sticky piece of tape over it were used. Modern day acupuncturists still use the radish seeds. They have very earthy energy. Some are more discreet seeds that are clear sticky tape with stainless steal, or 14 carat gold balls. These tend to be a little more quickening and moving for the energy in the ear. However, that is all a very subtle difference to the patient.

More recently, there are ear seeds that are the 14 carat balls with the swarovski crystals on top! They are beautiful and super stylish. They sparkle up your ears while shifting your energy for the better!

So why do acupuncturists use these ear seeds?
It's based on the same theory we use for auricular acupuncture. Auricular acupuncture is just a fancy word for acupuncture on the ear. The ear is a microcosm of the entire body and a lot of its physiology. So we can address a wide variety of symptoms and their presentations for each individual.

There are some clinics that use only ear acupuncture for detoxification and withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and drugs and most commonly for stress and anxiety due to trauma. Commonly referred to as NADA protocol, they use 5 points in the ear to help with symptom withdrawal. They use the 5 following points: lung, kidney, shen men(meaning the gate of the spirit, very calming point), sympathetic engages the parasympathetic nervous system by calming the sympathetic - reducing your flight or fight response, and liver.

NADA protocol

Because of this calming and symptoms reducing manner of the ear needles, you will also see acupuncturists use them for reducing food cravings to support weight loss and reduce smoking cessation cravings.

What is even more lovely about it, is that ear needling is specific to targeting the energy of the brain due to its proximity to the brain itself. Which will almost instantly induce a really chill feeling in your mind. Your thoughts slow down a little, your eyes soften, your breath opens up and you generally feel more chill and balanced. This is why it is so appropriate for anxiety.

So do the ear seeds do the same thing?

Yes! They produce the same sort of effect for sure. And they can stay on for 2 days or 2 weeks depending on the hygiene of the seed itself.

As a practitioner, I tend to use them quite frequently with patients that are dealing with chronic and continuing diseases and need to come in more frequently. I use them as a way to prolong treatment between visits. If they are struggling with anxiety, energy pitfalls, pain of any sort, headaches etc. they can pause during their day, take a deep breath and reach up and stimulate the ear seeds for that AcuLand feeling. The ear seeds are targeted to work specifically for that persons needs and they get to shift their energy for the positive in a quick 30 seconds! Winning!

You can add any of these ear seeds to your next treatment, so be sure to mention it at your next appointment. Radish and gold are free, the crystal seeds are $4 for a set (one on each ear).

In Good Health,

Lara Dilkes L.Ac. MSAOM FNLP