Take 5 Minutes of Freedom. You deserve it!

Have you ever found yourself staring at your cell phone on Facebook or something on your entire lunch break? Realizing later it was a gorgeous day out and you totally missed out on it being in tech land? Only to wander back to your desk and stare at the computer for another 4 hours? Well, let’s put that technology to good use. Everyone’s phone has an alarm these days, right? So, let’s set an alarm for a time of the day when you have a few minutes to spare (5 is ideal). For example, just after you finish breakfast in the morning before you head to work, or before bed, or after dinner but before bed, maybe Saturday morning? At at time you find it convenient, set your alarm to remind you to “take 5 minutes of freedom”.

Freedom from any technology what so ever!

Take a moment to breathe some fresh air, observe the view, dig out that old journal or art pad and sketch or write something you have been thinking about, or just sit and do absolutely nothing for 5 minutes! I can guarantee you will have more mental clarity from this, than updating your Facebook status or tweeting about how lame it is that you have to go back to work. Try and invite the energy of being present in the moment back in to your life. I think you body will remember how to do it, just fine! Good luck!