PDX Acupuncture's Acu-Inspired tips and tidings

Here you will find seasonal well being tips, fresh healthy recipes, wise concoctions and the latest treatment specials. It's a bit like getting a conscious box... it's all so fun and useful!

Herb of the Season

Discover useful tips and learn insider information about one of the 300+ Chinese herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Recipe of the Season

Get delicious recipes that incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine cooking with modern day twists. For example, why not make your oatmeal with Go Qi Zi berries in it? Or add some dates to your favorite gluten free cookie recipe? The possibilities to blend ancient wisdom and modern healthy cooking are endless!

Practitioner of the Season

Lara brings you some of her favorite practitioners in various fields of work.


The latest news and findings related to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Treatment Specials

Check out the latest specials offered at the clinic.

Local Resources that we love

Things that come to your door

  • Conscious Box

    They scour the planet to bring you the absolute best ethical and sustainable everyday products to create better lives and build a more beautiful world.

  • Farm to Fit

    Farm to Fit is a local, chef driven meal delivery service. Their flexible weekly meal plans are portion controlled, with the option of Low Carb, 1200, 1600, or 2000 calories per day average. They offer Gluten Intolerant and Diabetic Friendly options.

  • The Clymb

    Discount gear, and clothing for the urban professional who longs to escape to the mountains every weekend. And they recently offer adventure vacations!

Where we love to shop

  • The Meadow

    A wonderful store for Salt, Bitters, Chocolate and flowers. One of Lara's personal favorite shops in all of Portland. We just got a salt block and love cooking with it.

  • Folly

    Sarah Bibb has the best store! From her own personal line of beautiful and unique dresses and Bibb belts to her Pacific Northwest locally made basics, she has outdone her store and clothing with a uniquely Portland style. She is also the best persoal shopper ever!

  • Paxton Gate

    This shop is a insect, and nature biology nerds paradise! I love to look at the butterflies personally. They also have a beautiful selection of terrarium supplies. For sure a unique gift spot. As well as a place to take your friends from out of town.

Local "only in Portland" spots we love to go and relax

  • Loyly

    Relaxation in a beautiful, clean and communal setting inspired by the saunas of Scandinavia. This place is amazing! My monthly date with the sauna and steam room help me sweat out all of the stress and toxins I encounter in my daily life. It's clean and cozy and a wonderful experience each time.

  • Ashiyu

    A foot spa in NW Portland. They offer foot soaks, reflexology, far-infrared sauna, jade roller massage beds and passive fitness. It's all the fun stuff of Japanese style spa's in one place!

  • Float On

    Lye in a tank of A LOT of epsom salt and water. SO much you float in it! It is an aquired relaxation therapy, but it's worth the salty ears. The main benefit we like is that "It (getting in a tank) gets rid of all sensory input allows the 'constantly-make-sure-you're-not-dying' part of your brain to chill out for a second, allowing the creative, relaxed part of your brain to come out and play." We all need some of that!

  • Fleur De Lys

    A absolutely gorgeous natural nail care and waxing studio on the inner east side of Portland. Seriously, this place is top notch! It's a bit more pricy for a Mani-pedi, but, is it so worth it!

Other fun sites

  • golocalpdx

    A new, fresh news source. And, my colleague Erin Brockmeyer writes for the Health section.

  • BestMattressReviews.com

    Best Mattress Reviews is run by a review team of veterans from the mattress industry as well as journalists who have written extensively about sleep health and sleep products. We're a Seattle-based crew where all those dark, rainy days really charge up our hypersomnia, and persistently lead us to the next cup of coffee. So, of all people, we understand the importance of a good night's sleep, and how your mattress can help or hinder that.

  • Sweet Defeat

    Sugar and Weight Loss: How Sugar Affects Your Weight Loss Goals

Practitioners in my Referral Network

The Acupuncture Sites I visit to keep up on what's hip
and happening in my field.

  • acupuncturetoday.com

    They are the best publication out there.. I love to read their articles about new and old acupuncture treatments as well as studies and editorials from the specialists out there.

  • acupuncture.com

    An acupuncture site out of L.A. they have a nice reference section for disorders and a section for students and practitioners.

  • nccaom.org

    The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Here you will find all the rules, regulations and licensing information.

  • aaaom.edu

    American Acupuncture Association of Oriental Medicine. The main national association for Acupuncturists.

  • nccam.nih.gov

    National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine regulated by the National Institute of health and The Department of Health and Social Services. A good place to get information on all types of Natural Healing.

  • acufinder.com

    Find an Acupuncturist in your area.

  • yinyanghouse.com

    This is a site for a wellness center in TN, they are up on top of the new news and have a great reference section.

  • jcm.co.uk

    The Journal of Chinese Medicine out of the UK.

  • ocom.edu

    The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. This is where I went to school for acupuncture. Located in the wonderful Portland!