Immune March Madness at PDX Acupuncture

3 treatment
allergy season preparation
package deal - only $339!

Each visit includes all the usual perks of a treatment, a TCM + Functional Medicine focused wellness intake, 1 hour of acupuncture and a 20 minute massage. This limited time package also includes:

  • A bottle of Cleanse and Fortify! ($32 value) A super awesome organic botanical tonic that promotes healthy Liver and Kidney function by:
    • Promotes Cleansing (Detox)
    • Providing adaptogens that have normalizing influences, allowing the body to build up its reserves and maintain optimal function.
    • Includes a collection of beneficial botanicals traditionally used to promote healthy cell structure, promote healthy inflammation response, support the immune system by neutralizing free radicals, promote upper respiratory health, and promote overall health and vitality.
  • Our Anti-Inflammatory Citrus Peel Allergy Remedy recipe
  • Personalized tried and true supplemental recommendations for the dealing with allergies.

Spring Special

We often feel a little trapped under the clouds this time of year and thought you might be feeling the same way.

So, we designed the perfect treatment that will lift you and your mood right out of the clouds!

Head Out Of The Clouds Spring Special


  • Wellness intake - with a special focus on your brain fog inducing foods
  • A mentally invigorating and physically relaxing acupuncture treatment
  • 30 minutes of neck, shoulder + head massage with Clary Sage essential oil for mental clarity
  • A bonus take home treatment of Ear Seeds on your ears. With gentle self stimulation, these little gems induce that lovely AcuLand feeling and prolong your mental clarity!

90 minutes


In Good Health,

The PDX Acupuncture Team
Lara, Kathleen, Regan, Kate