Specialty Treatments

We practice good old fashioned Traditional Chinese Medicine here at PDX Acupuncture. But we are also trained to do some extra fun stuff you may want to know about. Please explore them below and call us if you have any questions.

If you are new to our clinic, you should know that all of our treatments include our house GoQiZi berry water and organic herbal tea of the day, an eye pillow and heated treatment tables for your comfort, and of course the interview, and acupuncture treatment. AND! That's not all.. we specialize in combining acupuncture with massage. So each treatment includes 15-30 minutes of massage. Our massage is truly therapeutic as you don't move a muscle from your acupuncture treatment. The LMT comes to your room! The acupuncturist gives the LMT direction with treatment and the LMT adds their personalized touch to make is a well rounded healing experience. Yes, you are relaxed and energized for the day after our treatment at PDX Acupuncture!

AcuSpa Specials

To treat modern day troubles such as anxiety, arthritis, stomach troubles, and headaches, we have combined acupuncture with other modalities such as massage, essential oils, moxa and cupping to have you feeling well again. MORE »

Facial Rejuvenation

It isn't a quick fix like Botox, but it also doesn't stick poison into your face! With a consistent, manageable treatment plan, the results can be amazing. MORE »

Smoking Cessation

Acupuncture has turned a growing number of cigarette smokers into permanent ex-smokers! Acupuncture is NOT a magic cure in the treatment of smoking. It CAN reduce the cravings and lessen the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking. MORE »

Weight Loss Assistance

Each and every person is very different in their approach to weight loss. That is why acupuncture can be very helpful, because we treat your whole person. MORE »